All Hail Technology!

I could go into why I think technology has made our lives significantly better. But then I’d have to spend a lot more time bringing up counter arguments and that would be a never-ending process that would go nowhere at all.

I love how technology has made our lives so much simpler. Think e-book readers. I know tons of you are haters of this tiny device. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the feeling of having a physical book in my hands, taking in the scent of a brand new book and flipping pages to read my favourite lines. My decision to invest in an e-book reader was based on the fact that I couldn’t find enough space to keep the novels I own. So that’s a huge bonus.

Other than the obvious benefits that technology has brought to our lives, technology has significantly changed marketing techniques. Advertisements or marketing/promotional activities are a lot more interactive, and more exciting (in my opinion anyways)…

  1. Augmented Reality

Okay. This isn’t an extremely new development. But I’ve always been really fascinated by augmented reality technology. It’s making a virtual presence “reality”. The application of augmented reality technology has evolved as new media technologies (smartphones/tablets) become more prevalent amongst consumers.

Probably the most common use of AR is in marketing stunts which seek to generate brand awareness and hype.

Well of course it’s not a fully developed and widely used technology. But I can foresee it playing a huge role in the future.

**For students in the Marketing Communications course. If you’re considering AR for you integrated marketing campaign, here’s an article you might consider reading to help you decide if AR is right for your brand.

  1. QR codes

Yeah it’s not exactly the best example of a technological breakthrough. But the development in the use of QR codes have changed MASSIVELY. Developed by Toyota, it was originally used to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. Its booming popularity is a result of its huge data storage capacity and convenience. Being able to manipulate the software and modifying it to suit the organization’s needs is probably the reason why it’s so widely used today for different reasons.

Here’s an example for what can be done with the QR code:

Just something to think about. Will this work in Australia? I’d reckon it won’t and there’s probably not much need for it anyways.

  1. Motion detection devices i.e. Kinect

I know this is another really old subject. While I was preparing my marketing communications presentation on Xbox, I came across an exciting development which would be something everyone should look out for.

Basically, it’s coined the “Kinect Effect” by Microsoft. Since the launch of Kinect (a motion sensor input device for Xbox), private developers (geniuses) around the world have created hacks which modifies Kinect’s original role as an entertainment unit. Some of these hacks have been used in the medical industry and for many other purposes as well.

Instead of shutting down the channels (?) and blocking hackers, Microsoft has embraced these developments and encourage developers to create something extraordinary.

Here’s a trailer of the Kinect Effect and its potential.

No doubt technology has harmed human life in many ways. But I truly believe that future developments and improvements would help solve most our problems. I sincerely hope that world problems such as Global Warming, poverty and world hunger can be alleviated to a certain extent by future technologies.


5 thoughts on “All Hail Technology!

  1. Really interesting examination of, to me a least, some slightly unconventional technological innovations that made the post different from your average ‘the benefits of technology’ report! I hadn’t really thought about a lot of these innovations but the idea of an augmented, heightened reality, the idea of existing in an alternate reality of the one we physically inhabit, is a really fascinating one !!

  2. I actually love those QR codes, especially if I’m in South Korea or Japan. I don’t have a phone that allows me to read the codes but usually I bug my friends until they give and finally snap the code. It’s so exciting to use and it allows for so much content that you usually wouldn’t have access to. Also, the Virtual QR codes in Korean supermarkets? So awesome. I’m not sure about it taking off anywhere else but Asia. Because hello! We Asians are super technology advanced, the rest of the world is just catching up with us.

    • I think blackberry has apps which read QR codes! 🙂 I like the concept because it really brings the concept of convenience to a whole new level! But then again, would this new form of shopping for groceries impact the businesses of mom and pop stores in the country?

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