Zombies 101

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We’ve always been fascinated by mystical creatures, supernatural beings and urban legends – things which cannot be explained by science or religion; things that terrifies us. Our morbid obsession with the unknown has seeped into our culture and affected the way occult is being represented (think Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter).

I am no exception. Over the years, since my first Chucky/Child’s Play movie, I have developed a habit of watching horror shows despite being really afraid of them. That’s especially true for zombie shows. I’m a sucker for them.

Since time immemorial, zombies have had a significant role in our cultural beliefs.  Urban legends and myths from various cultures across the world have documented tales of the dead coming back to life and haunting the living. These century old tales is the inspiration behind the classic hit zombie film titled Night of the Living Dead by Romero. And from then on, zombie shows have been a hit, with more than 570 films and TV shows detailing the apocalyptic doom of an invasion by the undead.

The popularity of such gruesome films is largely due to the thrill and suspense of finding out whether the human race will prevail against these mindless, putrid creatures. It’s about unified efforts and survival – qualities that are uniquely human. Other than appearing in films, zombies have also become the stars of music videos and television programmes. AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead, is the perfect show that highlights the best and worst of people. It teaches us that people change in desperate situations and that by placing our trust in the wrong hands, we may experience immeasurable consequences.


Our love for this abomination of nature has been taken to a new level when we dedicate an entire day to behaving and looking like them! Zombie Walks have become immensely popular globally and will be here to stay! Started in 2001 on August 19 in Sacramento (California), the popularity of zombie walk has skyrocketed due to popular blockbuster movies like Resident Evil and Dawn of the Dead. Although they might seem really mindless and unfulfilling, some zombie walks have been held for the benefit of a charity or raising awareness of global issues such as World Hunger… ingenious link. (Picture Source)

While there are speculations and theories for the possibility of this happening, there’s this question that has been bugging me for a really long time. What would happen if all humans die and zombies are left with nothing to feed on? They can’t possibly die of starvation since they’re dead. Will they feed on each other until only one sole zombie king survives?

I end this post by asking you to mark your calendars for 28th October 2012, because Melbourne will be having its very own Zombie Shuffle! You could get excited about it and join the zombie procession or you could lock yourself at home and study for your exams. Either way, Earth’s not ready for a zombie invasion.


2 thoughts on “Zombies 101

  1. I absolutely love the walking dead. Watching season 3 at the moment and its got me on the edge of my chair every episode. Haha and a good question, i to would like to know what zombies would do when there’s nothing to feast on. Its funny how most people on the video just laugh and walk by the dressed up zombies i could only imagine what their reaction would be if it was a zombie shuffle.

    • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE WALKING DEAD! It’s really an amazing series! I liked hoe they focused a lot on the development of the characters (as well as killing the zombies and fighting for survival issues). Like Rick was an idealist in the past seasons and Shawn was the realist. But the change in Rick’s personality and way of thinking has changed so drastically!
      Carl has become a lot more mature as well! I loved how he wandered off to search for medical supplies on his own in the prison! Way cool! 🙂
      Episode 3 is out!

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