Shows for the fashion fanatics

I’m a huge fan of American drama series, and I’ve practically seen all of the popular ones. To be honest, I’ve spent so much time on these dramas that my results have taken a huge toll last semester. While there are drawbacks to being a drama addict, the amount of pleasure you get out of these shows is immeasurable.

Other than great storylines, drama serials have been centred on showcasing the best of fashion. Not only do they add depth to the characters, the outfits and accessories make these shows a lot more appealing to female viewers.

Our access to television shows is a result of globalisation, where mediascape (Appadurai) transcends geographical and temporal boundaries. We must also credit technological advancements for the wide variety of entertainment options made available to us. Web 2.0 has given rise to a highly connected network that allows us to access download sites and/or obtain various media contents via p2p softwares.

Pretty Little Liars

Ever since the death of their friend (Alison), 4 girls Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hannah have been receiving anonymous texts from “A”, a mysterious psychopath bent on making their lives a living hell. This drama follows these girls through their daily activities in their little town, where they are living in a constant state of anxiety as their darkest secrets are revealed one at a time.

Alison, queen bee of the high school, brought together the prettiest girls in town and it’s not hard to wonder why she has chosen these girls to be her lackey.

Spencer: Psychologically tough, intellectually superior and emotionally levelled, Spencer has the best wardrobe in the show. Her preppy fashion is accentuated by classic wardrobe pieces with neutral colours that would never go out of style. Her clever pairing of boyfriend blazers and girly dresses makes her outfits perfect for all occasions.

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Hanna: Once called “Hefty Hanna”, Hanna underwent a massive makeover to become the town’s hottest girl. Hanna’s wardrobe is made up of a lot of floral items and flattering feminine cuts, which showcases her natural curves. Her style is exceptionally feminine and chic, highlighting her girly and possibly ditzy character.

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Hart of Dixie

Starring fashion star icon, Rachel Bilson, Hart of Dixie is a show that all fashionistas must watch.

This show talks about a typical New York born and bred cardiologist (Zoe Hart) who has been banished into a town called Blue Bell. She tries hard to get the folksmen to accept her New York high fashion sense of style and her quirky personality, while learning to adapt to the lifestyle of the countryside.

Her sense of style is made up of A LOT of mini shorts and skirts and trendy tops paired with fashionable accessories and handbags.

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A remake of the original hit series, the modern 90210 follow the lifestyle of Beverly Hill’s rich and famous teens through their reckless and extravagant lifestyle.

Naomi: I disliked her the first time she appeared on the show. She was extremely snobby and was a huge pain the in ass. However, further down the show, I started thinking that Naomi isn’t that bad at all. Even though she was rather nasty to others, she’s really loyal to her friends. Her style is obviously the glam and modern goddess.

Annie: Known as the baby of the group, Annie has transformed herself from a typical country girl to a fashionable Beverly Hills chick. As her character develops throughout the seasons, she has cast off her dowdy skirts and shirts and is seen wearing pricey branded outfits from Alice&Olivia and Marc Jacobs.

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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is probably the show that almost every girl adores. The clothes and accessories are to die for. While I love this series to bits, its not realistic for me to pay too much attention to their wardrobe as I probably can’t afford any of them.

I’ve come to the end of the post. But I’ve got to be honest. Sometimes, I don’t pay so much attention to the plot or whatever. I spend quite a bit of time studying the outfits which the characters are wearing.


5 thoughts on “Shows for the fashion fanatics

  1. I LOVE THIS POST! You have identified the reason why so many young girls are addicted to these shows. It is not only the immaculate looking cast or the NY city streets that entice people to engage in shows like Gossip Girl, but of course the wardrobe that these characters done throughout a series. Well that plays a big part in why i’m so addicted anyway. I think the use of clothing in shows such as these helps express the growth and development of a character as we are able to see their dress sense change as their personality does. For example Jenny in GG transforms from resident girl next door to the rocker goth by the end of her time on the show. You have done a great job in exploring the fashions of numerous shows all of which I love deeply! well done xx

    • Exactly! I totally agree with your analysis on the characters! Jenny used to such a sweetie. But as the show progressed she became annoying as hell and her style changed from preppy to dark goth-y. 🙂

  2. I completely agree that it is the glitz, glamour and quite possible immeasurable issusion offered by Hollywood and the US in general that gets young fashionistas hooked and addicted to these shows…admittedly I am one such girl! It’s almost like one long fashion advertisement, depicting this completely irrationally perfect yet undeniably aspirational dream world! Fashion really is so influential in the way we perceive and make judgements about one another and tv shows are fearless in using it to drive plots and character divisions. Great post x

    • A lot of these shows have tons of hidden advertisements too! I remember Serena using a HP Envy laptop on one episode last season before the computer was launched. This would generate quite a bit of hype.
      Also in one episode of 90210, Naomi and Annie were talking about Rimmel mascara. Naomi went all like “I love this Rimmel mascara”. They could have been a little more subtle..

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