A Belated MSFW Roundup

Australians are proud of their home grown designer brands and they ought to be! The Melbourne Spring Fashion Week showcases the best works of talented designers and it offers us an amazing sneak peek of what we can expect to see in stores in Spring and Summer 2012.

I would have gone for all the runway shows if I could afford it. But being on a budget meant that I could only go for limited runway sessions. So I picked Runway 3 and 4 as I recognized more of the showcased designers.

Designers such as Friend of Mine, From Britten, Leopold, Limedrop, Nobody, Strateas Carlucci and White Suede showcased their latest collection on runway 3. This show’s particular theme was focused on ready to wear casual/sport-esque inspired clothing, transforming classic tailoring with wild geometric print and edgy colours. Models with sleeked backed, dramatic hair extensions looked effortlessly hip.

White Suede came out with a burst of floral palettes and pastel hues. Their pieces were the epitome of femininity. From floral peplum tops to laced bodycon dresses, White Suede has the perfect wearable outfit for the city chic, modern girl.

White Suede

Picture Source

Clothings by Friend of Mine featured classic pieces with basic monochrome colours. Sounds boring? Designers from Friend of Mine have cleverly injected thigh-high edgy cuts and unique fabrics to kick the style up a notch.

Friend of Mine

Picture Source

Jeans by Nobody denim were to die for – the colours and the cutting of the jeans won me over hands down. While there were other pieces I liked from the entire runway, I found myself on my mobile after the show searching for stores that carried this brand. The shades were really comfortable to look at and every pair of jeans looked irresistibly soft. Definitely a wardrobe staple!


Picture Source

Strateas Carlucci was probably the only label that fell out of the runway theme (in my opinion). It showcased dark (all black) coloured outfits that were really different from the other designers. While I am still trying to appreciate this avant-garde fashion genre, I would have to acknowledge that this collection had really good layers. Other than being perfect outfits for the Matrix cast or the Adam’s Family, where do you think it’s perfectly normal to wear these outfits on the streets on a regular day? Paris? Tokyo?

Strateas Carlucci

Picture Source

The biggest disappoint of Runway 3 occurred when it dawned on me that F.A.T was not featured even thought it was supposed to and that’s probably why runway 3 lasted only 30 mins.

Runway 4 marks the end of Melbourne Spring Fashion week, and I loved it. Designers such as Gorman, Alice McCall, Megan Park, Bul, Kuwaii, Dress Up, Alpha60, We Are Handsome were featured, and all of them celebrated Spring and Summer with vibrant colours, floral and geometric prints and unique swimwear pieces.

Probably my favourite label of the night, Alice McCall’s pieces are magnificent. The blend of delicate materials accentuated the classy feminine style that suits women of all ages.

Alice McCall

Picture Source

3rd Image Source

Gorman was a close second behind Alice McCall. Featuring an eclectic mix of bright prints, Gorman’s retro inspired collection was both fun and cute.


Picture Source

Kuwaii, Obus, and Megan Park had great comfortable mix of outfits that were laidback and modern. The designs featured clean cuts and classic prints, making the pieces great wardrobe staples.



Megan Park

Picture Source

We Are Handsome was a brand I’ve never heard of, but one that definitely impressed that night. The swimwear pieces featured unique prints that reminded me greatly of L.A. swimwear pieces.

We Are Handsome

Picture Source

This season’s fashion show was particularly significant to me as it was the first fashion show I’ve ever attended. This might be due to the limited opportunities and events of such kind in Singapore where the fashion scene, albeit growing, is close to non-existent (another reason is probably due to the greater amount of freedom which I’ve gained being in Australia). Or maybe it’s because I’m at an age where I start loving “frivolous” (as my dad puts it) pastimes. I’ve come to appreciate, or rather, love Melbourne City’s blend of people – from the hippie hobos; to the immaculately dressed individuals; to the people in their casual trekkies. The Melbourne Spring Fashion Week was another stepping stone to appreciating style and fashion.


2 thoughts on “A Belated MSFW Roundup

  1. I also attended runway 3 this year and thought it was a great representation of the new and more edgy designs we can expect to see in stores in the coming months. But like you said, Alice McCall is just amazing and her designs reek skill and detail making them immeasurable to the other labels. It is interesting to see someone not from Melbourne’s point of view on the fashion of the city, would be a great idea to further explore this concept in another post perhaps by undertaking a comparision between the two very different cities!

  2. Love this post! I guess its because of the wonderful world wide web and digital technology that you can create such a great post that makes the reader feel like they were actually there! No waiting around, just the best bits and most fashion forward outfits! x

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