Fitness, Food, Fashion

Fitness, food and fashion are just about the 3 things most people are obsessed over. The constant paranoia of weight gain is always close by; ready to pounce when you’ve just eaten that banana muffin or pork belly or chips. But no matter how hard you try to stay away from the oily carb-loaded dish, the aroma of a plate of creamy chicken carbonara can break your resilience instantly.

While you’re busy staring at your lower belly pooch in the mirror, you couldn’t help but let your mind wonder about how you’d look carrying that amazing soft and supple leathered Balenciaga bag (that is way too expensive).

Oh yes. The coveted lifestyle… Hot bod and a chic wardrobe.

You might have guessed that the person I’m describing is none other than myself. Don’t get me wrong. I’m perfectly happy with my life (couldn’t ask for anything more than what I already have), but learning more about how to better myself isn’t such a bad thing either.

These blogs, which I’m about to introduce you to, are really amazing. The bloggers are such experts in the fields.

1. Fab Fitness (

This blog, created by Cassey Ho, is dedicated to bringing healthy living practices to the readers. There are many fitness gurus on YouTube posting workout videos, and they probably have their own fitness blog. But Cassey is by far the most dedicated YouTube fitness trainer I know. Not only is she posting workout videos twice a week, she has a comprehensive list of pro-fitness recipes, workout calendars, printable workouts and meal plans on her site.


Most importantly, her workouts work! Her pilates videos are usually 10 to 25 minutes long and they are designed to tone specific parts of the body. I can promise that you’ll feel sore the next day after completing a routine (that is what you want).

Although this might seem like the perfect reason to cancel your gym membership, the amount of discipline needed to complete an hour of workout at home is overwhelming (for me at least). So if you have troubles keeping to your personal home workout schedule, I suggest you stick to the body combat/spin classes and incorporate her pilates workout when you’re watching the TV at home.

Other than her blog and her YouTube channel, Cassey has a very supportive blogilates community.

Here are some of my favourite videos:

Ain’t she the most pleasant person?

2. Food Porn

David Lebovitz’s site is the perfect place to get recipes for sweet and savoury dishes. Each recipe on his site is accompanied by a little story, recounting what inspired him to cook that dish. Even though he might be a world-renowned chef, his writing reflects him as someone who is extremely down-to-earth. His humility is infectious!

I may be really conscious about what I eat, but sometimes, it’s hard to pass up those chocolate macaroons. The pictures on his blogs are so professionally taken, everything looks so good! From the sinful German Chocolate Cupcake to the classic favourite Banana Bread to the easy handmade ice-cream, his site has it all!

3. Fashion Fetishes (

Everyone has their personal fetish. My guilty pleasures are bags. Women just can’t seem to own enough shoes and bags! We need shoulder bags, crossbody bags, satchels, hobos, totes, shopper bags, backpacks, duffles, bowlers in every single colour!

Why we’re engineered in that way, I don’t know.

While I don’t own enough money to splurge on branded goods, I take pleasure in looking at pictures of them. Bagaholicboy keeps me up to date with new lines and collections. He provides analysis of the hottest designer items, while providing the most reliable retail sites to obtain them.

While he’s not exactly a global influencer, he is widely recognised in Singapore. So his giveaways for his readers are usually sponsored by online designer boutiques.
The reasons these blogs keep me going back for more is that they update their sites frequently. The variety in content and genuine expertise is the key to ensuring a constant stream of audience!
The reason for their success is probably due to their ability to articulate themselves well enough. Their personality shines through in their writing and the update their blogs frequently with enough media contents to keep their readers entertained. Their blog is full of useful professional information which is reliable and accurate.

I reckon that is what budding amateur bloggers need to achieve. Fact check ALL THE TIME. All the best with your blogs! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fitness, Food, Fashion

  1. A great blog entry! I love how you have identified the most important aspects (to me and yourself, obviously) of life and found blogs which represent them! When you write ‘The coveted lifestyle… Hot bod and a chic wardrobe.’ I completely agree. However, I question you as to where you think this obsession stems from? My guess would be that it is a reflection of the profound affect commodity fetishism has had on human behaviour. We have become obsessed with appearances and the best way to enhance them is with a cute bag or dress to match! While there is nothing seemingly wrong with this idea it can lead to false identities being portrayed and a lack of economic smarts.

    • I totally agree with you. And regarding that I reckon it’s also partly due to the people I hang out with. A few of my friends are extremely judgmental and quick to pick on someone’s bad taste in clothes or crappy outfit (mean. mean. mean.). And that probably stemmed from commodity fetishism (most definitely) and the warped perception of happiness and perfection.

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