I’ve never been a blogger. It was my thing a long time ago when StiCKyCaPs were in trend, and every single post would start with me blabbing about how my life sucked. The angsty years quickly went away, and all the free time I had was dedicated to studying for O level, and subsequently A level. I have stopped writing (on a personal level) for a long time. While this blog might be part of an assessment, I’m really glad that it’s giving me the push I needed to actually start a blog.

So I’ve been mulling over about what I’d actually write for the next twelve weeks, and I’ve finally decided that I would write about… LIFESTYLE!! HOORAY!! REJOICE!!! The world needed ANOTHER lifestyle blog which would be thrown into the waste-of-my-time pile in the blogosphere (soon enough).

“Lifestyle” is an incredibly general theme for a blog and if I had to narrow it down to sub-themes, I would be talking about issues related to health, events… and issues (I might have to work on that)! I promise you, my reader, that I would keep this blog as interesting as possible and that I would only provide you with facts, truth and my honest opinion and experience.

For instance, one of my post on fitness would be based on various trials that I’ve done. I can safely say that I will provide accurate recommendations.

Stay tuned for more exciting posts and I hope you’ll have a good time!


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